Members Criteria

In order to foster professional standards throughout the pest control industry, joining members engaged in pest control must meet the following criteria.

Please ensure that you can meet these criteria before sending in your application.

The business must have been actively trading for a minimum of 2 years. This may be evidenced by sight of a set of audited accounts or a statement from an accountant that the first year's accounts are in preparation. IT IS NOT OUR POLICY TO ASK FOR A COPY OF YOUR ACCOUNTS TO BE RETAINED BY THE IPCA.

Officers of the business must not be undischarged bankrupts.

All pest control technicians employed by IPCA members must hold a PMU Number from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine or be issued with a Conditional PMU subjected to a mentoring period.

The business must not sub-contract work involving the application of public health pesticides except to other IPCA members* (who will also be bound by the requirements of the IPCA Code of Practice).

The business should carry adequate insurances the type and level of which will depend on the nature of the business.

  • Any business which employs persons should hold Employers Liability Insurance. A minimum of €12.7m is required.
  • Pest Control Servicing Companies should carry Public Liability Insurance cover. A minimum of €1.27 m is required.

The IPCA will expect applicants to hold the above cover. Depending on the nature of the contracts held, the business of your clients or the work you carry out, insurance requirements may be greater. Consult your broker for his/her advice.

Applicants must undertake to abide by the requirements of the IPCA Codes of Practice and the IPCA Code of Conduct.