A note from the Chairman - December 2021

Dear Members,

We spoke too soon last month. Even as the note was being sent a month ago, the situation was changing with the Covid pandemic. However, we did get to go ahead with the CPE Workshop Group Face-to-Face Workshops in Dublin, even if a storm tried to stop us as well.

The next event listed was the Social Gathering for January. In light of the ever-changing risks with this virus and the recent changes in restrictions and potential future restrictions imminent, we think it wise to postpone that gathering. We are going to try for a date in late March as we desperately want this to happen.

“It will be a networking social event without agenda where members can meet up, enjoy some food and coffee and chat about the industry, individually or in groups. To add a little bit of interest to the morning, we are suggesting a theme – ‘The History of Pest Control in Ireland’. So, if you have any memories of bygone days, photos of old school characters, logos or memorabilia of long gone pest control companies or if you are a fountain of knowledge of dates and names of pest control companies in Ireland since it first began, please come along and share with us. We will see if we can find some retirees to join us as well.”

There will be another Lantra course running in January for those new to the industry. CPE workshops will be organised within the first quarter. Please remember that the easing of CPE points for the 2020/2021 period will now lapse and all PMU’s will require 50A points per year from here on out.

To revive our Members Area of the IPCA Website, we are going to incorporate a version of this ‘Note’ within it and log-in will allow you to claim CPE points. The details have yet to be ironed out but we will be reporting on our progress with this next month.

A few months back, I asked for anyone who needs a IPCA I.D. Card to send in their name and company name, photos and PMU number and we will see if we can get them printed for you. All ‘first time’ cards will be printed free of charge, replacement cards will be subject to a small fee. Send by mail to IPCA, Tallaght Enterprise Centre, Main Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

In case you missed it, John Lusby, of Birdwatch Ireland and Tutor with the CPE Workshop Group was on the RTE ‘Ear to the Ground’ show last week. You can catch it on the RTE Player.

Again, if anyone has any news that they think members may be interested in, feel free to forward to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And that brings me to the end of this ‘note’, the last of 2021. I would just like to thank our Board and our secretary for the work put in, in 2021. They are all passionate about the Association and the industry and don’t mind giving up their time to represent you all. Sometimes it’s not easy, and I really appreciate the effort the whole team makes. Thank You.

And to you, our members, thank you for your support. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Keep safe and Healthy and we will see you back here in 2022.

All the best for now,


Philip Cranley – 20th December 2021

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