A note from the Chairman - November 2021

Dear Members,

There is no such thing as a free lunch!

However, the IPCA would like to invite you to a free breakfast. We are hoping that the current crisis with increased numbers of Covid hospitalisations will peak and drop before Christmas and with that in mind we would like to hold a social event for our members on Tuesday January 18th 9am to 12noon. It will be a networking social event without agenda, where members can meet up, enjoy some food and coffee and chat about the industry, individually or in groups. To add a little bit of interest to the morning, we are suggesting a theme – ‘The History of Pest Control in Ireland’. So, if you have any memories of bygone days, photos of old school characters, logos or memorabilia of long gone pest control companies or if you are a fountain of knowledge of dates and names of pest control companies in Ireland since it first began, please come along and share with us. We will see if we can find some retirees to join us as well. It will be a ticketed event (Contact Tracing) and details will follow shortly.

We also have had calls for a face-to-face classroom style training event. So the CPE Workshop Group are organising three workshops to run all in the one day in Dublin on the 8th December. Details will follow shortly. Again this will depend on Covid Restrictions. We are approaching year end and we would like to remind you that this is also the end of the two year cycle for CPE points, to retain your PMU. As you know, the department allowed for PMU’s to stretch the usual 12 month 50 point quota over the last two years. For anyone who is unsure of their points for this 2020/2021 period, please check with your CPE Scheme Provider via their website portal.

We would like to also praise Killgerm for offering to run an on-line event in early December through the IPCA. This will be a short event but may help people who are missing just a handful of CPE points and it will be run free of charge. Details will follow.

Again, if anyone has any news that they think members may be interested in, feel free to forward to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Keep well.

All the best for now,


Philip Cranley – 16th November 2021

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