IPCA Commitment

Unlike buying a new T.V. or washing machine, when buying a pest control service you cannot see your purchase before making up your mind. The decision is, therefore, something of an act of faith, yet food hygiene, environmental and safety and health legislation, mean that buyers, particularly from businesses, cannot afford to make a mistake.

By selecting a business that is a member of the Irish Pest Control Association (IPCA) much of the work in making those decisions has been done for you. IPCA Servicing Companies undertake when they join the association:

  • To ensure that their staff members are adequately trained in the identification and assessment of pest problems and in the selection and implementation of safe and effective control measures.
  • To have in place robust recording systems which will ensure that members have, and provide you with, a record of what treatment has been carried out in your premises.
  • To carry adequate public and employers liability insurance.
  • To abide by the Associations Code of Practice

In addition Member Companies must demonstrate a safe a professional track record before they can join the Association and display the IPCA logo.